Polished Concrete Floors, Concrete Floor Grinding, & Surface Preparation for Big Box Stores

Commercial Concrete Polishing is a leading provider for big box store concrete flooring solutions in Toronto and across Ontario. We’ve worked with many different large retailers and have helped them create high quality polished concrete flooring solutions that meet their functionality and aesthetic needs. Regardless of the size or scope of your concrete flooring needs, we are confident we can provide you with a cost effective solution for your big box store. From concrete floor preparation, grinding, and laying a new surface, we have all your needs covered. If you would like to explore your concrete floor options for your big box store, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with an estimate and discuss the details of the project to help you create a custom solution that addressed all your flooring needs.

Having dependable and durable flooring is important for all businesses. It is especially vital for big box stores and large retailers that experience a significant amount of foot traffic and give their flooring surface a pounding on a daily basis. The last thing you want to happen is having flooring issue that causes a shut down or is a potential injury hazard. You also want flooring that looks good, is comfortable and leaves a good impression on your customers and staff members. Polished concrete flooring provides all these benefits to big box stores in Ontario.

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    Custom Concrete Floor Finishing for Big Box Stores

    At Commercial Concrete Polishing, we can scale our concrete surfaces to meet your buildings specific dimensions and needs. We understand that all big box stores have unique flooring needs based on the size of their storage area, retail floor, and other spaces. We can accommodate all of them and ensure you have the best type of concrete flooring. This is why we take the time to talk to you about your operations and what you want in a floor before starting the project. Whether you need concrete polishing, epoxy flooring, overlays for damaged or cracked concrete, or have repair issues, we can help. All you need to do is give us a call to get started.

    The majority of big box stores choose commercial concrete polishing solutions because of the many benefits they offer. They provide unparalleled flexibility for box big stores (and stores of all sizes), you can choose a surface preparation method that meets your specific needs, maintenance costs are very low – especially compared to other flooring options, they are stain resistant, and extremely durable – they can withstand high volumes of foot traffic, wear from fork lists and other industrial machinery. Polished concrete floors are also an environmentally friendly option, and help provide a healthier work environment for you employees by help create better air quality because they are easy to clean. It is hard to argue with one of the longest lasting and durable flooring options, especially considering it is cost effective and it also save you money in terms of energy, maintenance, and repair fees.

    How can we Service Your Concrete Floors?

    Polished Concrete Floors

    Polished Concrete Floor
    Is your concrete floor an eye sore? Is it time for an upgrade. We can help you improve your concrete floor’s appearance and extend its life span with our expert concrete polishing surfaces. We’ll help you make your concrete floor look new again.Contact us today for a free estimate for concrete polishing.

    Concrete Grinding & Surface Preparation

    Polished Concrete Floor
    Planning to install new flooring? Make sure your concrete surface is leveled and ground so you achieve that level of shine or smoothness you want. Also make sure it's level before installing other flooring such as tile, laminate, or hardwood. We can help you make sure it's level with our concrete grinding services. Learn more about our flooring solutions by calling us today!

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      Trust Commercial Concrete Polishing with your Concrete Floor Project

      Polished concrete is obtained by grinding the raw concrete to expose the aggregates. Once the desired sheen is attained, the concrete is then densified and/or stained with a desired gemtone colour. Up to three levels of diamond grinding are applicable, the first level being a minimal surface shave known as the “concrete milk” up to the 3rd level with a more rigorous approach to expose aggregates (marble / granite / terrazzo chips etc). The polishing process can vary from a low sheen polish to a super high sheen polish. Our team work with designers for any suitable stains and stencil options for your polished concrete flooring that are best fitted to your liking. We service Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississuaga, Brampton and surrounding areas in the GTA.